Workshop on “Realities and Representations of Policing in Hong Kong.” December 13, 2012

Workshop on “Policing the Southern Chinese Seaboard: Histories & Systems in Regional Perspective.” June 15 & 16, 2012

Past Events

Prof. Peter Manning’s Summer 2011 visit included a lecture on “Democratic Policing” and a workshop on “Missions & Methods of Policing Studies for the 21st Century.” June 2 & 3, 2011

Our founding event was Dr. Georgina Sinclair’s workshop on “Understanding British Colonial Policing in Historical Perspective.”

June 23, 2010

Special meeting at Hong Kong Police College for roundtable on Allen Jiao’s 2007 monograph The Police in Hong Kong Nov. 13, 2010


Mike Adorjan

Gavin Brown

Wayne Chan

Lennon Chang

Kevin Cheng

Vincent Cheng

Holly He

Lawrence Ho

Jessica Li

Jeffrey Martin

Yee Ching Ng

Georgina Sinclair

KC Wong

Jianhua Xu

Lena Zhong

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The East Asia Policing Studies Forum (EAPSF) is dedicated to fostering dialogue and facilitating research on police and policing. Located in Hong Kong, we take local and regional policing as a leading focus. At the same time, we are dedicated to understanding policing in wider geographic, historical and theoretical contexts. Our activities center around a monthly seminar, in which we discuss research in progress by our regular members, as well as other issues currently propelling the dynamic interdisciplinary study of policing. We also hold occasional workshops and conferences featuring leading scholars of police and policing studies from around the world. Membership is open to scholars and practitioners, for more information please contact us through the email button at the bottom of this page. EAPSF is hosted by the University of Hong Kong, through its Center for Criminology.





Jan. 17 "Police Legitimacy in Contemporary Hong Kong" (Michael Siu, CESDIP, Ministry of Justice, France)


Mar. 14 Discussion of Jean-Paul Brodeur's The Policing Web (2010, Oxford University Press)


Apr. 18 Title TBA (Dr. Wayne Chan, Open University of Hong Kong, and Dr. Holly He, City University of Hong Kong)


May 16 "Prayers, Protest, Press and Practice: Police Work in Contemporary Hong Kong" (Gavin Brown, University of Hong Kong)


Jun. 13 TBA





Jan. 18 “Hong Kong’s Police Image and Its Representation in Crime-Fighting and Order-Maintenance Duties,” (Dr. Wayne Chan, Open University of Hong Kong)

Mar. 15 “Micro-Foundations of Migrant Violence Towards Police in Guangzhou”  (Dr. Jianhua Xu, University of Macau)


Mar. 29 “Policing Georgia: Politics of Policy Borrowing and Innovation,” (Revaz Bakhtadze, Independent Scholar).


Apr. 11 “Asian-American Police Officers: Cultural and Social Determinants in Selecting a Police Career,” (Peter Tam, John Jay College of Criminal Justice)


Apr. 12 “Civil Disobedience in Hong Kong,” (Chan Kwun-hong, Jason, Lingnan University)

May 10 “Protest Management in Hong Kong,” (Wong King-fung, HKU)

May 27 “Police Complaints in Hong Kong: Balancing Civil Rights and Police Powers” (IPCC Symposium)


Jun.5 “Democratic Policing vs. Authoritarian Policing: A Comparison of their Functions,” (Cao Liqun, University of Ontario)


Jun. 7 “Evolution of the Hong Kong Policing in the Colonial Period” (Dr. Lawrence Ho, Hong Kong Institute of Education).



Nov.8 "Hong KongPolice Reform in the 1950s" (Professor Kam C. Wong, Xiavier University)


Dec. 13 Title TBA (Dai Menglai, City University of Hong Kong)




Jan. 19 “Fragmentation of the Police Bureaucracy in the Peoples’ Republic of China” (Suzanne Scoggins, UC Berkeley, Political Science)



Feb. 16 “Policing Underground ‘Mark Six’ in Mainland China: Challenges and Prospects” (Holly He, City University of Hong Kong, Applied Social Work)



June 17-19 Second Annual Workshop on “Policing in the Southern Chinese Seaboard” (Hong Kong Institute of Education)

June 20 “Police Education in Contemporary China,” (Dr. Ben Chen, Peoples’ Public Security University, Beijing)



Aug. 30 “Coordinating Asian-African Links in an Illegal Market: The International Trade in Rhino Horn” (Annette Hübschle-Finch, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies)



Sep. 25 “Political Neutrality of the Korean Police: What Happened on the 16th of September?” (Dr. Changwon Pyo, Korea CPTED Association)



Oct. 23 “Upholding Human Rights in Bangladeshi Policing: The Controversial Role of the Rapid Action Battalion” (Md. Kamal Uddin, City University Hong Kong, Asian & International Studies)



Oct. 30 “Policing Political Protest: Taiwan and Hong Kong in Dialogue” (Hsu Jen-shuo, National Taiwan University and Gavin Brown, University of Hong Kong)



Nov. 2 “From Strength to Strength: Strategic Leadership in the Recent History of the Force” (William Tang, University of Durham)



Nov. 6 “Policing and National Security in China: A View From the Ground” (Teng Biao, China University of Political Science and Law, and Zeng Jinyan, University of Hong Kong).



Nov. 13 “Narcotics, Policing and Corruption: Mexico and Hong Kong in Comparative Perspective” (Bong Miquiabas, Independent Scholar, and David Hodson, HKU Centre for Criminology)



Dec. 14 “Managing Prison Elites in the Post-Socialist Chinese Prison” (Cheng Shing, University of Hong Kong)